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What can I do without be registered?

You can do the same that registered users but you only can leave a comment in the establishment, you can't rate it. Otherwise, you can't add new establishment and you can't subscribe to any updates of establishments

How is the register process?

It is very easy, you only have to choose your login and password, and give us an email account. You will receive a confirmation in the email and now you will access to all content in our page. Your information can be modified in My Panel where you can change the email account or ask for unregistered. Your data won't be share with other companies. Other way to access is to use your Facebook, Twitter o Google+ account, but using this way we haven't your email account, so you can't subscribe to establishments updates.

If I register, what can I do?

Register users can add establishments and rate them, evaluating some characteristics and leaving comments. Otherwise, you could subscribe to updates of establishments that you choose

How rate gluten free establishments?

You can rate quality, variety, or establishment atmosphere between 0 and 5 stars. Global rate is between 0 and 10 and this is the parameter to order the establisments. It is important to leave a comment with your opinion, it can help other celiac people.

What happen when I add an establishment?

Administrators receive an email and they verify the information.

Why does the rating work?

All rates in are obtained doing the average with all the rates

How can I communicate incorrect data of some establishment?

If you detect some error in information you can send us a message to modify or delete it. In Establishment file there is a contact form to send us the messages