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Who are we? is the web reference for celiac people, it allows to search establishments that offer gluten free food and see opinion from other celiac people. is a project that borned in 2009 like share tool where people can share your opinion freely

Thanks to the people collaboration, we are the most popular web and more used in Spain, with more than 6.000 establisments

We are crowdsourcing

We are done by celiac people, for celiac people. With Android, IOS and Blackberry 10 Apps

All is free, excepts Iphone app, due to IOS license is very expensive.


Combination of celiac woman and her husband.

Amaya celiac since she was one year old, after be in a lot of hospitals, since then she does a gluten free diet. She manages social networks and review all the new establisments or comments

Rafa web developer, Android, IOS, graph editor, video editor,.. Creator and Developer of Celiaquitos.